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Not that Jose Alvarez I – The Bike Wholesaler
July 1, 2008, 9:51 pm
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Jose Alvarez is a common name in Latin and Hispanic cultures, not John Smith common, but the next time you’re in Mexico try counting the number of Jose Alvarez’s in the local phone book.  A couple of months ago I got a call from a friend asking if I was the Jose Alvarez that had filmed some video of a gnome running around (See the story from the UK paper the Sun here). Of course it wasnt me, but I started to wonder what else were Jose Alvarez’s doing out in the world, so I created a Google News search string and every day or so I get a little digest of my Jose Alvarez news. This series of post is to both help show that I am not the Jose Alvarez in these stories, but also to bring some more attention to Jose Alvarezs in general.

This posts subject is … Jose Alvarez, the bike wholesaler located in France. Unfortunately they have hit some hard times as of late and have gone into receivership. The story from Bike Europe goes into further details. To see the website and learn more about the Jose Alvarez company, follow this link (in french) or the English-translated version. A picture of Jose is below, I am guessing he is the one on the left, the site was unclear as to who was who.

Jose Alvarez Picture from website


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The man on the left in the photo, wearing the Renault jersey and cycling cap, is Bernard Hinault, a French bicycle champion who among many other accoplishments won the Tour de France five times. Jose Alvarez, the founder of the now financially troubled bike wholesaler that bears his name, is on the right.

Comment by John Dale

Thanks John, I have heard of Bernard Hinault, but had never seen his picture until you pointed it out.

Comment by josejose50

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