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The iPhone – Free Apps that are Worth It
August 4, 2008, 1:10 pm
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My iPhone Desktop

My iPhone Desktop

So after a couple of weeks of playing with the iPhone and using it for both business and pleasure, I’ve found the apps that seem to work best. These are all free, I’m not ready to plunk cash down on some of what I’ve seen at the store. Maybe I will after developers get a little bit more familiar with the iPhone’s OS.

1. Pandora – This has been the highlight so far of the first batch of iPhone apps. It works smoothly and matches the features of the Pandora very well. I had only started using Pandora a week or so before the iPhone was released, based on Kristen’s recommendation, and it was very easy and smooth to jump to the iphone version. My favorite way to use it is to play it on my FM transmitter in the car and let it be my own personal radio station. A nice feature is that the software takes your input (like/don’t like song, bookmarking an artist, etc) and saves it to your online Pandora account. I use this as a nice way to keep track of songs that I want to get form iTunes or keep information on an artist that I want to hear more from.

2. Twitterific – I like using Twitterific for my Twitter messages more than the SMS feature of the iPhone.  In fact, I’ve started doing all of my twittering using Twitterific to reduce the likelihood that I missend a message not mean for the Twitter audience.  Additionally, Twitterific helps you reply or direct message a user faster than if you used the SMS method.  There is a premium version of Twiterrific for $9.99, but the free version is all you need.

3. WordPress – Other than Pandora, this is the application that I think best exemplifies how powerful iPhone apps can be. On my recent trip to Philadelphia I did a lot of blogging using my phone, including uploading pictures (which works better than uploading pictures through the web version, in my opinion).  I’m curious to see if they can integrate some of the other features of the web version (blog stats, for example), but it is pretty good as is right now.

Trying out WordPress iPhone Application
July 22, 2008, 3:54 pm
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Just trying the wordpress iPhone application by writing a post while at the office. If this works well I may use this while on the road this weekend in Philadelphia. The picture is of a coffee mug to see how the picture part of the application works.