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Revisiting some of my favorites…
June 20, 2008, 3:33 am
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Since Battlestar is on break until god knows when, I’ve decided to revisit some of my favorite books and movies over the Summer. Its great because I get to enjoy some of my favorite things, but also because sometimes I find or realize something that I didn’t during a previous viewing/reading.  Yesterday, I finished reading Naked by David Sedaris and tonight I am going to start Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy.  I’m a huge Clancy fan and Red Storm does a great job of playing “What if?” with a NATO vs. Warsaw Pact battle. I also had the computer game when I was in 6th grade and at the time thought that games could not get any cooler. 

As for movies, tonight I saw Blade Runner for the 15th time. This time it was the 2007 Final Cut Edition,which as far as I can tell added a few more scenes than before, and I still don’t understand how people can say that Deckard is a replicant.  Ridley Scott does a good job painting a sort of negative utopian future in a way that sci-fi fans will eat up and leave  everyone else scratching their heads.  

At my brother’s urging, earlier this year, I got the audiobook of the short story that the movie is adapted from, “Do Andriods Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Phillip K. Dick. The story is a little more darker and dreary than the movie, but is a great science fiction story and in some areas surpasses the movie.