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Second Day in LA – Rodeo Drive and New Years
January 6, 2009, 4:44 am
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Second day in Los Angeles and after trying to sleep off as much of the jet lag as possible, we went out to Porto’s Bakery in Burbank for breakfast.  Porto’s is a Cuban bakery that offers great breakfast and lunch options, while the bakery puts out amazing pastries and cakes.  We had been there once before with David and Amie, so we had an idea of what we were doing (its a little overwhelming at first, especially if its crowded).  I had a great chorizo omelette on Cuban bread with a cortadito coffee (similar to a cafe au lait but with espresso) and fresh squeezed orange juice.  The absolute best item to get there are the potato balls, imagine a mashed potato ball the size of a tennis ball, but stuffed with some ground beefed and then deep fried! Very delicious, but not exactly breakfast fare. 

After the delicious breakfast we headed out to Rodeo Drive to take a look at the shops and mainly people watch (Kristen) and car watch (Jose). Actually saw a lot of Penn State fans who were in town for the Rose Bowl and Kristen saw Larry King walking along the street talking on his cell phone (“Caller, hello!”). We had lunch at Cheesecake Factory and then headed back to the hotel to rest up before New Years Eve at Amie and David’s apartment.

The party at David and Amie’s was a lot of fun, we got to meet some of Amie’s friends from Yahoo! (including the minds behind the Daemon’s TV blog) and eat some great Italian and Brazilian food. I learned to be very humble after Americ and David both schooled me in Wii Tennis, but I got my revenge when we played Buzz! It was a great party and its becoming a little bit of an annual tradition for us now. Got to see the ball drop in New York (again, we caught the original at 9 PM on the West Coast) and brought the New Years in with family and friends.

Philly Day 3 – Cars, Halo and Cheesesteaks
July 27, 2008, 8:05 pm
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So Day 3 started off in a European manner, with a classic Irish breakfast of Soda Farl at Ida Mae’s Bruncherie. For those who haven’t had this before, it is a breakfast sandwich of eggs, suasages and ham on soda bread slices. Very tasty and also very hearty, actually didn’t need to have lunch.

After breakfast Jaime and I took his car in to get the brakes looked at (the car was making a weird rocking motion when braking). We killed time by stopping at Game Stop and picked up Halo 3 for his XBOX. Took some time to go visit cousins in New Jersey and picked up the car afterwards.

Finally, came time to make the brave the streets and get my cheesesteak. We decided to go to Pat’s King of Steaks, one of the two main places people go for cheesesteak. (Gino’s, the other option, was nice but the neon was a little too Vegas) We got to Pat’s at the same time as the crowds from the Phillies game were arriving so we had a little wait (line wrapped around the building), but in the end it was worth it! Sandwich was great and the accompanying fries were also great.

Finally we headed back to Jaime’s and chilled out in the evening with Halo and Jaime’s kegerator (serving Walt’s Wit from Philadelphia Brewing Company). The pictures below are in a nice slideshow created at Rockyou.com.

[rockyou id=118846076]